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Chianti Wine Tour The vineyard of Tuscany

Chianti is a varied landscape of small villages, large villas, ancient monasteries, and many vineyards. Since the ancient times the viticulture has always been an integrated part of the area, so that some of the ancient rulers declared the province only for vineyards. These days, many modern wineries are present in the area, producing one of Tuscany’s most famous wines in the world: Chianti. This wine contributes to the forming of the large number of Docg and Doc labels that make the area renowned in the world, and shows off Italian pride with its flavor. Chianti is a wine obtained principally from Sangiovese vines that have an intense and spicy aroma, and a smooth and persistent flavor, with fruity and bitter accents. 

The Wineries

Our wine tour will lead you with an expert Sommelier around the wineries of Chianti, educating you about the important production of the famous wine and visit beautiful cellars.

Castello di Ama 

Castello di Ama is an internationally acclaimed winery situated in a secluded 12th century hamlet in the heart of the Chianti Classico wine region near Siena. It was the idea of protecting and handing down Castello di Ama’s beauty and soul to future generations that led Lorenza and Marco Pallanti to create  Castello di Ama . Is a cornerstone in the modern revival of Chianti Classico are the vineyards around our tiny Medieval hamlet, perched on a hilltop at an altitude of almost 500 metres. Already in the 18th century, Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Tuscany praised Ama’s wines: “around the Castello di Amma,” he wrote, “the best vines in Chianti are to  be found, excellently tended.” The Castello di Ama wine cellar's production of wines is:

  • Castello di Ama Riserva  Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese 80% Malvasia Nera, Aging: barriques 12 months;
  • San Lorenzo  2013  Gran Selezione Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese 80% Merlot 13%, Malvasia Nera, Aging: barriques 30 months;
  • Bellavista 2013  Gran Selezione Docg - Grapes variety: Sangiovese 82% Malvasia Nera, Aging: barriques 12 months;
  • La Casuccia 2013 Gran Selezione Docg - Grapes variety: Sangiovese 80%  Merlot, Aging: barriques 12 months;
  • Vinsanto del Chianti Classico Doc - Grapes variety: Malvasia Bianca 65% Trebbiano Toscano, Aging: barriques 5 years.


Fèlsina is located on the southeast edge of the Chianti Classico appellation, between the last spurs of the Chianti hills and the beginning of the Ombrone valley. From a geological viewpoint, Fèlsina is a “frontier land” nestled between the Chianti Classico and Crete Senesi areas, in the direction of Montalcino. Fèlsina boats a variety of climates, landscapes, and terrains, its various vineyard characterized by diverse soils and microclimates, each unique in its individual qualities. Fèlsina’s Sangiovese or Sangioveto, the original Tuscan word – takes its birth from his extraordinary variet. For decades, mass selections have been cultivated as in no other place,  producing numerous Sangiovese clones and rootstocks, they have had  infinite palette of nuances and possibilities, much like a painter has infinite shades to work with.The Felsina wine cellar's production of wines is:

  • Rancia Riserva Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: French oak barrels 20 months bottled 8 months;
  • Berardenda  Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: Slavonian oak barrels 12 months bottled 3 months;
  • Colonia  Gran Selezione Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: French oak barrels 30 months bottled 12 months;
  • Berardenga Riserva Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: French oak barrels 16 months bottled 6 months;
  • Spumante Brut Quality - sparkling wine, method classico, Grape variety: Sangiovese 60% Pinot Nero 20% Chardonnay 20%After a further minimum of 3 months aging the wine is released.

Badia a Coltibuono

Badia a Coltibuono has embraced modern ideas of hospitality whilst preserving the historical beauty and atmosphere of this ancient monastery. Badia a Coltibuono is about one thousand years old but its prehistory takes us back to Estrucan times and beyond. As we know it today, Badia a Coltibuono (which means Abbey of the Good Harvest), dates from the middle of the eleventh century. In 1051 the monks of the Vallombrosan Order, a Tuscan reform of the Benedictines, founded the Abbey and also began planting the first vineyards in the Upper Chianti area. Badia a Coltibuono, an historic estate in the heart of Tuscany,  has been linked to the Giuntini family, now Stucchi-Prinetti, since 1846. Badia a Coltibuono  still uses organic production methods to safeguard its natural assets. Its philosophy of environmental sustainability has made it the first leading wine-producing firm in Chianti to have reached this important objective. The Badia a Coltibuono wine cellar's production of wines is:

  • Badia a Coltibuono  Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Aging: French and Austrian oak casks 12 months;
  • Badia a Coltibuono Riserva Docg, Grape variety: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Aging: casks of French and Austrian oak 24 months;
  • Sangioveto  Toscana Igt - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: barriques French 20 months, bottled 6 months;
  • Occhio di Pernice Vin Santo del Chianti Classico - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: cask and oak barriques 8 years.

Castello di Volpaia

The Castello di Volpaia was built in the 11th century as a fortified village on the Florence/Siena border. Although only part of the original protective walls and two of its six towers are still standing, the medieval layout and buildings within the village are still intact, making Volpaia undoubtedly one of the best preserved villages of its period. Just as in the 12th Century, the village itself still plays an essential role in our wine and oil production. The interiors of its ancient houses, churches, underground passages and deconsecrated churches have been discreetly converted into wine cellars, bottling plants and olive presses up to the ceiling in the latest equipment and all connected by an amazing underground “wineduct.” Thus Volpaia is not just another magnificent tourist attraction, but a thriving hive of activity whose inhabitants are all directly or indirectly involved in the winery.The Castello di Volpaia wine cellar's production of wine is:

  • Castello di Volpaia Docg 2015 - Grape variety: Sangiovese 90% Merlot 10%, Aging: barrels for 12 months;
  • Coltassala 2013 Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese 95%, Mammolo 5%, Aging: Allier oak barrels for 18 months and in bottle for 6 months;
  • Chianti Classico Riserva 2013 Docg - Grape variety: Product assembly of our best vineyards, Aging: 24 months old Slavonian oak barrels and French oak barriques;
  • Il Puro 2010 - Grape variety: Sangiovese,
  • Aging: Allier oak barrels 18 months;
  • Indue 2012 Igt - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: French oak barrels and tonneaux 12 month and in bottle 12 months.

Tenuta di Capraia

  • Tenuta di Capraia inserted in the Conca d’Oro occupies one of the most particularly suited and prestigious of all Chianti areas. Tufaceous sands alternating with classic clayey soils and hotter, less continental climatic conditions, result in very good ripening, with no surprise and great vigour. All characteristics that confer great power, structure and elegance to the wines of this are. Whatever it may be, the two manor homes of Capraia and Bozzagone, and their respective estates, are found in a dell between Colle Val d’Elsa and Monteriggioni, the hotter side of all the vines belonging to the 3 Chianti owned brands, distinguished by an average altitude of 280 metres above sea level.  The Castello di Volpaia wine cellar's production of wine is:
  • Capraia Chianti Classico Docg - Grape variety: Sangiovese 90%, Cabernet 5%, Merlot, Aging: tonneaux and Chianti barrels for 12 months bottled 6 months;
  • Capraia Chianti Classico Riserva - Grape variety: Sangiovese, Aging: oak barrique for 15 months bottled 12 months.

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  • LUNCH in a traditional Tuscan restaurant with a menu choice or set menu 
  • TASTING of wines
  • SOMMELIER following
  • MERCEDES-BENZ luxury van with air conditioning and driver who speaks English
  • WI-FI in the car
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  • DRIVER’S LICENSE vehicle enabled as required by law 21/92  for to travel in complete safety

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10:00 Arrival  Badia Coltibuono winery guided tour of the cellar and the vineyard
11:30 Arrival in San Gusme' village or guided tour Brolio castle
13:00 Lunch in Typical Restaurant where traditional dishes are served
15:30 Arrival Felsina winery guided tour of the cellar and  the vineyard 
17:00 Return to the Hotel

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