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Spas of San Casciano

The village of San Casciano dei Bagni, occupying the third place in the European ranking of spa resorts thanks to its 42 hot springs, rises up on a hill where it is possible to bathe in beautiful thermal baths filled with hot mineral-rich water whose temperature is always between 40°C and 42°C. When we plunged into the pools and laid back floating in hot water, resting on the stone edges of the baths, the thing we liked most was being surrounded by the typical Tuscan countryside, sunlit, yellowed as it is at the end of August, lined with cypress trees along the hillsides and embellished by reeds in the wind.

We suggest you to make a stop in Fonteverde, where a marvelous waterfall gives an intense natural massage and the curative power of hot water. This is a real paradise on earth where you can relax and regenerate. Try the magic of being surrounded by a warm hug. You will discover the healing and relaxing power of a therapeutic pool to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

Spas in Petriolo

Hot springs in Petriolo can reach up to 46°C and some pools are full of sulphurous water. The spring where hot water is flowing from is located near river Farma's left-hand edge. The narrow and small pools have been made by water erosion on limestone over the centuries. This water has a temperature of 36°C to 46°C, that is why it is even too hot in the summertime. As we get closer to the river, cold water mixes up with hot water so anyone can find his/her ideal temperature. It often happens that the rocks being dragged by river Farmamake a sort of small basin where it is possible to bathe.

The solid walls surrounding it are an evidence of Petriolo's glorious past, when many Popes (mainly Pius II) and nobles (i.e. Medicis, Gonzagas, bishops, etc) used to choose the village for their holidays. This place is a rare example of fortified spa: nowadays it is still possible to see the Tower of the Republic of Siena and its front door. 
Petriolo is an isolated place where one can forget about the rest of the world and get lost in a natural and wild environment.

Spas in Bagni San Filippo

Within the municipality of Castiglione D’Orcia, these beautiful spas are characterised by huge white limestone outcrops standing out  in green woods near Mount Amiata.

A hot water creek flows downhill from the first rock pools and this place is also perfect if you just want to go for a walk. Bathing in the two most beautiful rock pools is forbidden, however there are many other spots along the river where it is allowed.

Bagno Vignoni

This spa resort in Val D'Orcia is really picturesque and well renowned. Its peculiarity is a hot water pool filled by a volcanic spring, which is located right in the centre of the village as it were a central square. For this reason it is called "Piazza delle Sorgenti" (i.e. Square of Sources).

Located near the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage route from France to Rome, its spas have always been popular since the Etruscan times. Obviously bathing in the Square of Sources is not allowed, but it is possible to reach a viewpoint over the limestone outcrops by following the hot water streams that fill other natural pools out of the village, where you are free to swim.
The main pool has been built in the Square of Sources in the 16th century, but the village and its healing sources were already known in the Etruscan and Roman times. After its construction many pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena decided to stop there. Eminent persons like Pope Pius II and Lorenzo The Magnificent used to go to Bagno Vignoni. It is possible to swim in the rock pool named "Saint Catherine's Pool" and enjoy its curative and warm water free of charge simply by moving a few kilometres downhill.
You will see canals, moats and streams where hot water flows along the few streets within the village down to the valley below, where there is a huge limestone outcrop forming a wide rock pool filled with pleasant light-blue warm water and thermal muds.
The location is amazing as it is surrounded by the smooth countryside hills of Val d'Orcia and it is the perfect place to relax after visiting the manifold beauties of the area. Near the first pool there is a second one, which is full of cold water and ideal to cool down during hot summer days.


Within the municipality of Manciano you can plunge into natural pools at Cascatelle del Mulino, surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, a real heaven on earth, a low-scale Pamukkale . In case the pools are too crowded with people or it is too hot due to the water temperature (it usually flows out at 37.5°C), you may go down along the river coming out of the waterfalls. You can park your car free of charge in the dirt parking area next to the bar and then pitch a tent in the evening to sleep along the warm stream (we have made it loads of times!).
As the legend goes, hot water started to flow out of the exact point where a lightening thrown by Zeus against Saturn got stuck. This spa area started being exploited since the Etruscan and Roman times. Water flows away in a creek, which is however hard to follow because of a dense tangle of branches and plants.

We should be lucky to access this warm small lake as it seems to be too crowded if only 4 people are already bathing and it is hard to find a comfortable spot to sit a soak. Near the lake there are the ruins of an Etruscan and Roman bath (already in use in the late 3rd century and in the early 4th century A.D.), which was likely to be a sacred place. Moreover, it is possible to see examples of geothermal activity in Sasso Pisano, near the so-called Valle del Diavolo (Devil's Valley): walking amid smoke and boiling water puddles is simply awesome.

Spas of Antica Querciolaia

Being well-renowned since ancient times and exploited because of its curative properties, the Antica Querciolaia spring is located in the province of Siena, a region where arts, history and nature are perfectly combined. This location is perfect to regenerate your body and mind. These spas near Siena make wellness a lifestyle.
Surrounded by Siena's atmosphere, the core of these thermal baths in Rapolano, dating back to the 19th century, shows an everlasting bond with its water spring: its horseshoe shape was designed to hug and nearly protect the source. The warm tones and thousand-year old veins of travertine marble refer to a world of spas that owes everything to water.
The premises are now enriched with cutting-edge facilities, enlarged in terms of space and functions, which form one of the best examples of spas in Tuscany providing daily programmes of body treatment.

Spas of San Giovanni

This water naturally flows from the source at a temperature of 39°C. Its main natural elements are magnesium sulphate and sulphur, which is responsible for its characteristic smell.
Thanks to these two elements combined with hot temperature, this thermal water is highly curative and it is particularly recommended for skin treatments and to treat motor and respiratory diseases. In addition to a nice feeling of relaxation and general wellbeing, bathing into this hot spring water improves the look of skin and helps to treat skin problems.
The huge park where the spas are located, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Crete Senesi, is a unique environment where visitors can lay back and relax. Sun beds, sun umbrellas and tables are available to spend invaluable moments of relaxation while indulging in breathtaking sunsets.

Sensory Spas of Chianciano

The Sensory Spas (Terme sensoriali), with their five wellness programmes to heal both body and mind, represent the perfect meeting point between a spa experience, naturopathy and the enchanting Tuscan countryside.
Here guests can choose among five different spa treatments: detox, energizing, rebalancing, relaxing and a tasting experience. You only have to decide a specific programme to follow along the 20 rooms of the spa and among the manifold activities offered: whirlpools (one with salty water), an energy pyramid, the mud room, the ice crash, two saunas, a steam bath, emotional showers, the Holy Water source (an evocative sculpture of the source that can be found in the park), aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy, the Kneipp programme and the inner silence room, a lovely garden, and a relaxation room. According to the programme chosen, which may also be tailored after meeting the naturopathist, you will reach a specific result.

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