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This wine tour in Tuscany aims at combining excellent wineries with concept design by offering a wide selection of cutting-edge wine-producing estates that decided to match wine production with design and art. Thanks to the projects of great architects and artists, some of these wineries are part of the so-called "Tuscan Wine Architecture" circuit.

The  Wineries

Cortona Private Tours will show you state-of.the-art wineries in Italy for their production methods and their attention to concept design as they have been built in a way that they are perfectly harmonized with the surrounding landscape to give unique sensations. 
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Cantina  BARGINO

The new winery of the Marchesi Antinori group, designed by Marco Casamonti and opened in 2012, is located in San Casciano Val di Pesa, within the Chianti Classico region. Its slogan is: "Antinori within the Chianti Classico region, from the love for our land... an emotional journey amid tradition and innovation". Thanks to its thin and deep structure made to take better advantage of the hillside morphology we clearly understand the relationship between the family and its own homeland as well as the intention to respect the environment where the Antinori vineyards are located. This winery is part of the Tuscan Wine Architecture circuit, which includes wineries designed by important contemporary architects.


The Tenuta Rocco di Frassinello is one of the best renowned wineries of Chianti Classico set amid the hills of the Gavorrano municipality, in the village named Poggio La Guardia. The area of Monteregio DOC has perfect geological and climate characteristics to produce high-quality wines. The design of the winery as "work of art" was commissioned to world-famous architect Renzo Piano and was opened in 2007. It is characterized by a tower standing out in the vineyards, which was designed to capture light and keep the temperatures of the amphitheater cellar under control.

Cantina  PETRA

The Petra Winery, perched on the hill of Suvereto, at the very heart of Val di Cornia, was inspired by these words: “Petra, a magic in a magic land. The memories of the Greeks and Etruscans whisper at the heart of Tuscan Maremma, land of early produce and precious metals." Built between 2001 and 2003, the winery spreads onto a surface of about 7,200 squared meters within huge vineyards. Its cutting-edge structure, characterized by a complex design, is cylindrical in shape and is sectioned by an inclined plane with two wings on the sides protected by long porches. Swiss architect Mario Botta working at the Terra Moretti Group wanted to match morphology and production to create a unique facility that was able to highlight the "underground layer of earth, of men and their endless story, which are disclosed and revealed by Petra". The modern and functional facilities are closely related to tradition and the story of this winery at the same time.


The Ca' Marcanda Winery is located in Bolgheri within Angelo Gaja's estate. As the owner said: “We had men and skills, but it was difficult for us to expand our business in Piedmont. This is why we have chosen Tuscany. This was the only possible choice as we produce red wine and we wanted a place having a more favourable climate. Here we can experience a recreation... Here we can make wine from the sunlight. This is the life!". The designer from Asti, Giovanni Bo, created a stone structure melting with earth to hide its presence and be harmoniously inserted into nature and the surrounding landscape. This impressive facility is really modern: simple materials have been used for its construction but then the rooms are full of works of modern art.


The Carapace Winery within the Castelbuono Estate in Montefalco owned by the Lunelli (Ferrari) family has been built according to the idea of having a real treasure chest for wine. They asked artist Arnaldo Pomodoro to create a work of art that was perfectly set into the landscape and perfectly functioning inside. The Carapace Winery is the first inhabitable winery in the world: here people work and live. Its name derives from its unmistakable tortoise-shell shape, symbol of longevity and union between heaven and earth. This unique work of art is a big dome covered with copper and engraved showing stripes recalling earth furrows.


Le Mortelle Winery derives its name from the word "mortella", which is wild myrtle that characterizes the local flora. It is located in Castiglione della Pescaia, in the Maremma region, and was part of an old estate owned by the Habsburg-Lorraine family to breed cattle. Dince 1999 the estate belongs to the Antinori family, who decided to grow vines on 160 hectares f land and organic fruit trees on 15 hectares of land. The winery is perched on a hilltop overlooking the estate and is almost all underground to have the lowest environmental impact. It was built by using natural materials and the thermoregulation of rocks. The structure has a cylindrical shape and is spread onto three levels, each one devoted to a phase of wine-making process: grape collection, wine-making, and wine storing and aging in barrels on the underground floor. This particular architectural shape allows to make use of the best technologies for wine production: the whole wine-making process is carried out from the top to the bottom: grapes are collected on the aboveground level, then wine is made on the intermediate level and aged on the underground level.

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